Profile of Menthe: Quick Facts
Played By: Sweet
Basic Info
Full Name: Μίνθη "Menthe" Vasilakis
Subspecies: Coastal Grey Wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 2+ Years (04/20/2022)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon Wilds - Cherry Hollow
At a Glance
Lithe, pretty, and namely snarky. Even from a distance you can see a general distaste on her face. Light-footed and agile, she moves almost without touching the ground. Dark brown coat with black agouti, white feet, tail tip, muzzle, and chest dapple. Seaform green eyes often narrowed in judgement.
Profile of Menthe: Details
An average sized she-wolf with an athletic build, likely from all her days of being on the run. A stunning seafoam green adorns her seemingly suspicious(of you) gaze, often narrowed. A short, dark brown coat is dappled with a dark agouti. As if she walked through a can of paint, each foot sports a differently marked white sock, matching her white tipped muzzle, tail, and the splash upon her chest.

[Image: 6QcepWG.png]
Based loosely on Rachel Smithe's version of Greek Mythology Minthe -- written to be a Nymph that consorted with Hades.

Smug - Arrogant - Flirty - Attention Whore - Snarky - Sneaky - Smooth-Talker

She loves to have the upper hand and loathes to be outmatched, so Menthe is quick to judge and even quicker to retreat. She recognizes beauty and often a common enemy, finding often that women are to be trusted much more often than men. She is blunt and can sometimes be a little cruel, but those who match her sharp tongue often find a softer interior... but don't mention it to anyone else.
TBD -- raised on the coast outside of the Teekon Wilds by a mother who insisted everyone should be jealous of her. Left around the age of one, as all yearlings do where she's from.

Menthe never questioned the circumstances, but was told by her mother that she was a gift from Aphrodite and Hermes. The truth lies somewhere in her mothers struggle with fertility, but Menthe takes the praise at face value, and prays often to these two Greek dieties. She will often liken her successes to their blessings, and her failure to a different God or Goddess that does not show her favor.
None relevant to the Teekon Wilds
Pack History
Cherry Hollow - Outside Teekon Wilds
Profile of Menthe: Additional Information
Registered on May 20, 2024, last visited 3 hours ago
Menthe is not a very reliable character because she is quite self centered! Her posts can not always be taken at face value -- and if you disagree with how she retells a story... she is probably lying. (: Feel free to reach out if you have any beefs with her writing if we write together!
Art Credits
Profile Headshot: Me (sweetberry)
Full Body Appearance: Me (sweetberry)
Player Notes
i am always down for everything! just ask <3

i prefer to keep explicit sexual content as a 'blacked out' thread, but am happy to keep up with innuendos and suggestion (:
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