Profile of Basìlio: Quick Facts
La Muerte Caballero
Played By: Decay
Basic Info
Full Name: Basìlio Serrano
Moniker(s): The Basilisk Prince, Shadow Walker
Subspecies: Wolf (Mixed)
Size: Gigantic, Muscular
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 2 (05/03/2022)
Birthplace: Besalú
Profile of Basìlio: Details

❝ lo que ves por fuera está lejos de la verdad que hay por dentro ... ❞


a beast swathed in a sleek coat of pale tan, dipped in deep coal.

cerulean eyes mesmerize just as much as they frighten, attentive to everything that comes into view.


references to be added.


❝ viendo cómo el tiempo se escapa en mi reloj de arena roto ... ❞


mysterious, in the way that no one can ever quite tell what he's thinking or feeling. he conceals most of himself behind a thick veil, opening up to few, if none at all.

adaptive to most circumstances and environments; though, surprisingly, not too fond of change.

he's not much of a talker, but isn't afraid to speak his opinion. some call him blunt; he sees it simply as honesty, as all should be.

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❝ escondido en mi biblioteca oscura ... ❞

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a foreign, lone wanderer. far from home; from a life he always hated.

of his home, he rarely speaks; but only to those he trusts with the tale.

the known

reyna, to whom he glances with great passion.

the remembered

an innocent and adored sister, belén.

the forgotten

a cruel father, caín.
a dismissive, distant mother, sabina.

Pack History
Sangrè Nueva | 06.04.24 — 06.21.24
Caballero | 06.21.24 — present
Profile of Basìlio: Additional Information
Registered on June 03, 2024, last visited July 14, 2024, 01:27 PM
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(Please note: He is not fluent in english; thus he speaks minimal common and mostly spanish.)
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