Profile of Hati: Quick Facts
Played By: Bone
Basic Info
Full Name: Hati Formørkelse
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 2 (10/30/22)
Birthplace: (out of world)
At a Glance
Profile of Hati: Details
Slender, lean-limbed and muscled beneath a shroud of night that makes up his coat. Flickers of white amongst the darkness make up a small patch on his chest, the underside of his chin, and each of his toes.

Alluringly handsome and moving with an unmatched grace and poise, Hati takes great care to assure he is pristine and well-maintained, but there is a flaw in his complexion in the form of a scar across his throat; a ceaseless reminder of his impurity, and his disgrace. His face is striking and narrow, his ears sharp and pointed with a whisper of a tuft upon them. His eyes are a cold, ichorous gold.


Prickly, Prideful, Ambitious, Disloyal, Envious, Conniving, Calm, Provocative, Self-serving and self-obsessed, Elegant, Judgemental

Foul-mouthed oftentimes, and seems to always bear a general look of distaste. Hati draws others in time and time again and leaves them broken in the aftermath; he is a remorseless user, and his loyalties are not often as firm as he may portray them to be.

He has an aversion to blood and injury, and therefore avoids combat as well; he is far more skilled with his words, but he will seek out those who can bridge the gaps of his weaknesses. He seeks to make himself invulnerable, and knows he must employ others to his cause, to him. Politics and eloquence have always been a strong suit of his. His cunning and his wits have served him well.
Hati is the picturesque figure of a prissy rich boy, yet he has fallen quite far from his position at the top. Entering the Teekons, Hati has been disinherited, and bears a vicious reminder across his throat after a failed grasp at an inheritence that passed over him.

He is bitter, and on a terrible path of self-destruction as he figures out what to do with himself, and learns the ways of a world and a people he previously thought himself far above. Perhaps he can be better, but he will likely have to be worse before he can get there.
None. Forsaken. He has taken the last name "Formørkelse": meaning eclipse, in place of the one he was born with.
Profile of Hati: Additional Information
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