Arrow Lake Sometimes this is nothing but smoke.
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Swiftcurrent Creek
With @Akiri having earned the task of tending to the cubs, Durnehviir stole away for some time to herself beyond the territory. Her trip to the Emberwood some days before had given her a brief taste of freedom that she found herself yearning for, and with their numbers having begun to thin since the bear attack, she saw it as a good excuse to see about recruiting some loners to pad out the ranks.

She followed her homeland's namesake South, trailing the riverbank and enjoying the thrum of its current. It had always soothed her as an infant, she recalled, and it was strange how the sound took her back to her own childhood despite the years she'd been gone. Swiftcurrent was in her blood, just as she was hopeful that her children would love the land enough to keep them from straying as they grew.

The creek brought her to a vast lake, and she paused at its Easternmost egde to lap at its crisp surface. Thirst quenched, the russet beauty licked her lips and lifted her muzzle to look upon the vast mountains before her. She thought fondly of her uncle then, and wondered where he'd gotten to; she'd last seen him upon those cliffs almost a year ago. Exhaling softly, Durnehviir lashed her feathery tail and pressed on with her nose to the pebbled shore in search of something worth following.

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July 16, 2018, 06:28 PM
Lone Wolves

It was toward the North that the swarthy lad steered his voyage, along the banks of a river which had fed him for two days now with the fresh trout that grew in its cool, running waters. He had done well to avoid pack boundaries, preferring to tread through the wildnerness unclaimed by those of his kind. Still, he did not shy away from contact with others, and had found some divine companions along the way- but none who would steal his attention for more than a day or a night. 

He'd found his younger brother, bonded with a band of young yearling ruffians and had left him to his own devices. It would have been child's play for Bruges to waltz in, use his charm and usurp his brother completely- as Ambrose was foolish and impractical still, but it wasn't in Bruges' nature to do such a thing. Instead, he merely wished his brother well, and left...After spending a night with the only female in the group, of course. He couldn't exactly keep himself completely in check. 

He continued to rove along the shore of the river, where the stones were smoothe and warm beneath his feet, even when he caught sight of an attractive, russet creature ahead, tracking Southward along the river's bank. She was a beautiful animal, though he could tell by the shape of her body that she had given birth this year, and was therefore off his charts, to a certain extent. This was likely a mother who had taken advantage of a nice day to get away from her pups and enjoy some time to herself. Wolves like her were wolves he knew that could be extra careful, and use hostility as a precaution as they knew should any harm befall them, their own pups would suffer. So it was with great care that Bruges lowered his head in a respectful greeting, tail swinging gently from side to side between his dark hocks. His posture read benign, and he uttered a single soft, crooning note in greeting.