Duskfire Glacier everywhere you go, can't find no home
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Swiftcurrent Creek
She can't stand it any longer. The yearling has tried again and again to return and stay within IkKanattuk's borders, but she finds herself wandering each time. Out of guilt, she patrols the borders, hunts for the pack when she does return — but her heart is not in it. She does not belong here.
It's far more in her nature to leave without a word, disappear across the horizon and search for something else to quell her restlessness, but she feels she owes something to the pack. They've shown her that, at least for now, she isn't truly ready for a home — she hasn't earned it just yet. So she sends up a single, drawn out howl for the leaders of the northerners, @Siarut and @Takiyok, as she crosses the borders for the last time; her goodbye.
In the distance, the sun rises slowly like the promise of a new beginning.

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