Boartusk Heights Pisissarfik
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Skookumchuk for example, the trees feeding up towards the mountains. And for an example of a tree affected with pine beetle blight, click here.

The lowlands of the mountain range were an undulation of endless trees, and they didn't seem to thin out even as they fed towards the morass to the west. Tulimaq had come this way out of necessity; he couldn't fathom lingering in the western cul-de-sac and be penned in on all sides, and as he'd trailed through the forest he also concluded he didn't want to go north. This area was as good as any for him to call home for the time being, and he set his sights on exploring whatever parts he could reach.

But yes, the lowlands. They were a series of hills, dips, gullies, and dark pine trees that jut out like quills. Had he an aerial view Tulimaq would've seen the endlessly green hills creased with jagged shadows but the forest floor would remain a mystery; thankfully, he was a wolf, and had the capability of exploring without issues. He spent most of the afternoon trying to penetrate the twisting innards of the forest, getting turned around on multiple occasions. He found his footing readily enough, but it wasn't until he spied a peculiar red-cast tree that Tulimaq found his path.

It stood out against the backdrop of spacious fir trees, illuminated by a shaft of winter light — but that shifted swiftly, as the clouds rolled across the sky overhead. He approached the tree with some caution even though he was alone, and hadn't sensed danger. The mighty thing looked older than much of the forest he'd already investigated but the bark was flaking, the needles dry. The beast searched around in the soil for clues, but Tulimaq eventually gave up on that — it was a mystery.