Iktome Plains buy me a boa and drive me to reno, because i'm open for business
All Welcome  January 13, 2019, 09:38 PM
making her way to the coast! anyone is welcome.

The firefly of a girl marched her way from the plateau, through the woods, and had emerged on the other side where she saw what she believed to be the biggest pond she’d ever witnessed in her life. The first sight of it had shocked her to her core, and she’d been stuck. There had never been anything that she’d seen that could have compared to the vast expanse of sea that seemed to stretch on into oblivion. Piper wasn’t even sure if she was alive anymore. It seemed far more likely that she had died during her excursion and she was just coming up with shit in her head to make it seem like she was still alive.
That wasn’t the case, though. After the novelty of the sea had worn on her a bit, the wildfire of a wolf made her way along the coast. She liked the stretch of beaches that accompanied her as she traveled. Part of her wondered why her mom and aunt had never told her about the ocean or what it was like. The more she trekked, the more she started to wonder if it would ever end.