Mudminnow River Can't touch this
Private  January 14, 2019, 12:04 PM
Wild Fauna

for @Nunataq. Its the point of the river just outside the hollow a bit. Sorry for the awful phone post

For the first time in a few days the sun shone down and she could actually feel it warming her fur through the cold. It made her feel lively, less cranky than normal too. She wandered the riverside a ways before she spotted a distant rising of trees, the breeze from it blowing the scent of wolves toward her. She wouldn't go any further, no need to risk ruining a good day. So she flopped onto her side next to the water and bathed in the sunlight, a content purr rumbling the air.
January 14, 2019, 02:57 PM
Lost Creek Hollow
The kitty would not get to sleep for long, because another hunter was on prowl. Riverside shared the top 1 place in the world with Arlette's pasture of giant, furry cows, therefore, if Nuna was not hanging out at her friends or stalking adults along the borders, or conducting top-secret classified experiments for the Pepper Gang, then she was by the river. Sniffing out the banks in hopes to find a fish.

And she did find a fish. A big, furry, warm, feline-looking and quite smaller than she recalled the cougar to be. Soundly asleep. Nunataq stopped in her tracks, measure the animal with her gaze, comparing her size and proportions with the cat's, deciding that she could risk to approach and inspect the animal up close and did exactly so. Within 2 meter radius, walking around it in a circle and sniffing the air, not yet brave enough to venture closer.
January 14, 2019, 03:19 PM
Wild Fauna

Ahhh...the sun. It filled with a heavy, warm peacefulness. It also made her extremely sleepy. So a few moments before Nunataq showed up she had dozed off with her head resting on the ground. She didn't immediately wake up when the young girl circled her either but lay there with her paws and whiskers twitching. It was only after the girl began to sniff at her did her eyes sleepily blink open and she stared at the wolf who wasn't close enough to make her immediately go into a defensive stance. 

Bhageera closed one eye and used the other to study the other predator, wary at first but determining that she wasn't exactly in danger. The wolf didn't seem fully grown but wasn't a pup either. Lazily just to test things she rolled onto her back and aimed a slow and clumsy swat in her direction, giving the smallest meow she could. She wasn't in the mood to fight, she displayed that quite clearly.