Raven's Watch the ghost of electricity howls in the bones of her face
All Welcome  February 12, 2019, 09:01 PM
the ravens were noisy, but they were smart. he liked to watch them and would like it much more if he could drown out the sound of them. they didn't trust him, but that was okay. just further testament to their intelligence. what self-respecting bird would befriend a set of teeth like his?

poultry was much too gamey for his taste, anyway, so he was content to rest his chin on his paws and stare like a junkie in the void. 

much to look at here. the crystalline lake, the far-off waves, and the corvids. cortez was satisfied with his choices but was still running from thoughts of oh wouldn't calder just love this

and when did the nostalgia end? when did the homesickness end?

he'd never had a home, really, but his brother had been a home and without calder, he was indisputably homeless. olive was a lean-to in the shantytown of elysium; perhaps someday it would grow to be more. . .

the ravens. watch the ravens. 

he wondered, idly, if this place was home to them — or just a stop along a perpetual path to nowhere. the same road he seemed to be following. 

cortez blew a puff of air at the nearest bird. it squawked and flapped its wings, walking away with an irritated glint to its beady black eyes.
February 13, 2019, 06:39 PM
Lone Wolves

she'd didn't hunt ravens on principle. she'd spent so long in Blackfeather that their cawing had started to sound like conversation, their beady eyes piercing. here they existed in multitude, different, somehow, than the blackfeather breed. menacing all the same in the way they swooped low over her spine and called out on gravel voices, but lacking the threatening edge. 

she found the wolf among the rocks, greeting a wandering raven not with a snap of teeth but with a puff of air. it was this interaction that had her approach, chuff of greeting leaving her maw as she approached, pausing a short distance away to see how her prescence would be recieved.