Blackfeather Woods its much too strong.
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The dreams hadn't meant anything to her at first.

She'd all but forgotten that Maegi had prayed for them, on her behalf, when they'd met... But they'd started up during her pregnancy and following the birth of the children, they'd grown in frequency as well as clarity. It occurred to Parvati early on that the dreams were meaningless, that they were just dreams - but in the past week or so, the sense of reality-versus-dream had begun to blur, and now she couldn't be certain. The woman had stopped trying to differentiate between what was factual and what was fantastic, which led to a very confusing morning.

She'd woken in a haze. The babies were not where she'd left them. They were mewling and calling for her, squeaking with their tiny new voices, but as she looked around the cavern (which stretched around her like an immense wasteland, a desert of deep red) they weren't there. After struggling to her paws she began to hunt for them. It felt like her limbs were lined with lead, as if each step upon the iron-rich soil was burning through the pliant flesh of her paws. She wanted to look back upon her route but couldn't quite get her head to swing in accordance to that whim, and after a few seconds of standing, swaying, she forgot all about the need.

Parvati thought she could hear the cawing of a child — a shriek, a needy demanding little voice calling to her. Soon she was walking - running - but going nowhere. She looked down and saw jagged stones blocking her passage and with a whisper, they parted, disintegrating in the wind, swirling, storm-wrought, and then - she was standing in the light. It was blinding and Parvati winced back from it; the mouth of Wolfskull was around her but she couldn't tell if it was dream or not — and then the voice came again, clear and commanding: Parvati, it boomed around her, and she became aware that the earth no longer housed her body, it was the forest. The trees quaked, their bodies extending in to the dark sky like shadow puppets elongated by flickering lights.

It wasn't morning, it was night.

She wasn't in the cave - she was deep in the woods.

The children - where were the children?

Parvati, come home. The voice boomed, and as she struggled to look around she finally managed to look over her shoulder; the cave had become a giant wolf's head as its name might imply, but it was covered in thick green vines. Layered with triangular leaves that looked more like a carapace of shifting green scales. She felt dizzy. The voice continued — You follow the wrong gods. Your children are not green-blooded; they are tainted, they are wrong. Was that why she couldn't love them? She was a child of the Green, but their father — Maegi's gods — this pestilence the wolves of the woods worshiped, had they ruined them? Yes, you see it. You know it. They cannot be.

The woman focused on that voice, but it didn't remain with her for long. As it faded she began to hear the true sounds of the forest: the scraping of branches against branches, trees leaning against their neighbours, the shudder of a brisk wind to cut against the warmth of the sun that penetrated the canopy in shafts of light. Her head was swimming, and as the dizziness overwhelmed her she pressed herself down among the leaf-litter and curled herself in to a tight ball, unaware she'd left her babies alone in the cavern during her manic sojourn.

Just a dream, she slurred a whisper against the tail tucked against her snout, Jussa dream, hadha lays haqiqiun...
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gosh was it just her or did the woods, for lack of a better word..just feel pretty damn odd at the moment? she couldn't quite place exactly what it was but it felt almost as if everything residing within the dense forest down to the trees themselves writhed with apprehensive impatience. or perhaps it was just her, maybe she was simply restless and had taken to blaming the place rather than focusing on herself. a huff slips from her jaws as she continues along the borders- who even knew and it was much too head wrecking to bother getting into. she'd just wait it out, usually these things came and went with nothing actually happening to match the general vibe. 

she stops for a while, inhaling the familiar smell of thick vegetation before letting it all out in a soft puff of air. everything seemed in check anyway so after stretching out her muscles a few times, the ivory woman would let herself break into an easy trot, quickening steadily until she was running betwixt the trunks with practiced ease- already feeling her misgivings fall away as her mind became focused on nothing more than putting one paw in front of another to guide her away from crashing into anything and keeping her breathing as steady as possible. she would keep going until her muscles began to burn and that's when she'd really push it- grunting with the effort but relishing in the adrenaline that kept her going and the light feeling growing in her chest. 

she had never been into running before, it was a new habit she'd picked up upon finding her way to teekon and had become a good coping mechanism for whenever her mind decided to be a pain in the ass. which as regretful to admit as it was, tended to be alot. she'd just about reached her peak, relishing in the brisk wind whipping at her face and dragging daggers through her fur when she spots a body curled among the forest's debris and let's out a startled curse as she veers ungracefully to quite the sudden halt.

for a few moments she just stands and pants, gathering her bearings before turning crossly to see who'd almost cost her an accident. parvati? she pulls up short at this, she didn't know the woman personally but she knew she had pretty new pups and therefore should be with them...right? inspecting her closer now, a concerned frown tugs at her features as the pale woman lowers her body so that she's more level with the other. still keeping a respectful distance she simply murmurs; "hey parvati, you okay?"

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-- Parvati, are you okay? Came the voice again, shifting like static as it took on the familiar tones of someone she knew. 

She flinched and twitched but did not rise, nor did she respond in any way. She was tucked tightly in to a ball within the ferns; comforted in some small measure by the green but, it would not last.

Parvati felt that she could not trust her ears right now - and as she tried to combat the fear and confusion brewing inside of her, she opened her eyes, watching the shadows morph and twist and become a ghost. The shape didn't look threatening at first. The warrior drifted closer and when Parvati could get a good look at their face, she saw a flash of light in Tundra's eyes — green, bright like sunlight through leaves, menacing — and she ducked her head back down, tucking her nose in to her tail.

Shhh, girl, do not be afraid. Your god walks with you - spoke the voice from around her; the shadows -- they felt alive, they were warm and festering -- Parvati connected the dots in her addled brain and murmured, p..p...pery...ite...? And around her the darkness rustled; it was merely the wind, but in her altered state the new mother thought it was something more dire. Certainly the god of pestilence made manifest -- or something akin to that.