Haunted Wood Difficult to dance 'round this one
Read Only  August 15, 2019, 08:56 AM
Within the shadows, a creature lurked. With every meal he consumed, it came skittering by as soon as the coast was clear to feed on the leftovers, the little morsels left behind just big enough to feed its own little greedy belly. Today was no different. Laying atop the lump of a body he had left, the trespasser who had dared to challenge him for the right to remain in the misty woods but without pledging loyalty, Vengeance had filled his belly and waited for the next to happen. 

Time ticked on, and as he lay there as still as death, a paw draped lazily over the bloodied lump, twenty, maybe thirty minutes passed without a bite and eyes finally caught the sight of the little brown rodent that came skittering out from the shelter of the woods and hid under the body to begin scavenging. The thing was bold. It wasn't the first time Vengeance had laid eyes on the thing. It often came by as soon as he was done with a meal, catching the sight of it as soon as he turned his back. 

It seemed to have studied him, to know when was the right time to come in for a meal without being a snack itself. Though Vengeance could not say that he had never eaten rat before, especially in his younger years, the smaller bodies didn't interest him much these days. I have a proposition for you. He spoke before digging his claws into the lump of flesh and moved it aside just far enough for him to loom over the small figure underneath, nibbling away at the carcass. Large black eyes looking back up at him, ready to scurry away at the sign of aggression. 

You and your next generations work for me, keep an eye on these woods and anyone you come across, report any findings back to me and you may eat your fill on any kill of mine, without waiting. With that said, the creature seemed to relax, digging into its next bite without worry for the larger predator anymore.

It would take time for them to trust one another, but with that, Vengeance grinned - he was confident that he had earned himself the loyalty of an extra set of eyes and ears.

Aldrich the rat will now be in any future threads involving Vengeance!! I will ask permission from the player for him to know anything without being told by anyone other than Aldrich.