Haunted Wood What a smile can hide
Private  August 15, 2019, 09:28 PM
Lone Wolves

@Temoria lets say its sunset and misty

It had rained that day, the ground still curling with mist visible through the growing darkness. He had stayed away for a few days, taking his time till he found a victim and fed. The corners of his lips were still stained with crimson, only visible to those who got close. He had taken to wandering the area, smelling the scents of several others including his sire. It was a dark territory, a canopy of shadows that had him chuckling. A hiding spot for monsters was his first thought though he couldn't be certain that monsters resided here. Even so, as an Owl hooted and a distant stick cracked he felt an instinctual shiver run down his spine and decided that at least for now this place would be a suitable home.