Otter Creek I don't want to run
All Welcome  November 09, 2019, 03:48 PM
Lone Wolves

The rolling foothills with their lack of prey were left behind as the animal headed north. Across autumn-burnished fields and frosted thickets did Black Shuck travel, all the while with ears and eyes open for hints of life. He slept mere snatches at a time, long enough to recharge but not enough to become groggy or inattentive. Each territory he passed through was assessed in moments for its bounty, and in each, he was found wanting.

On the third day, the agouti wolf reached another chain of mountains. These did not spear so high into the heavens as the ones at his back did. They seemed kind and forgiving in comparison. The dog hadn't bothered to waste his energy climbing high in the west, but he predicted these mountains would prove easier to pass through, so he changed course and trotted to where the new foothills began.

He walked until he found a creek turned orange with sunset's warmth, and here he paused to slake his thirst with long laps of his tongue.