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He'd tracked some rawboned coyote down the mountain for nearly half a mile when the scent suddenly went blank, vanishing along the edge of the creek he stood before now. Xizur was not foolish nor hungry enough to give chase across the raging waters. So he decide to walk, and walk, and walk, until eventually the creek became no more than a gentle stream, just barely deep enough to completely submerge his ankles.

It was here where fish, namely bass and crappie, tucked theirselves away in little pockets along the stream's bank. He was no fisher, but Xizur certainly had his fair share of good catches in water, especially recently with all the large game having gone elsewhere from the quakes. And so, with an optimistic mindset, he slid himself along the stream's edge, watchful for any shadows that might move beneath the water's surface.
January 16, 2020, 09:03 AM
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she finds herself frequenting the stream, now; she's grown rather fond of it at the meals that can be found in the shallows, or the territory surrounding. she's keen on exploring it further, too; this close to Sunbeam, it would make a good hunting ground. 

she angles towards the stranger as soon as he's spotted, having been mostly alone since her mishap and hoping for companionship. she slows her steps when she realizes what he's doing, entering his line of sight but remaining distant, silent, while he hunts.

she's content to wait really—and then a violent, hacking cough forces itself abruptly from her lungs, and she doubles over until the fit subsides. moony swipes a paw over her face, straightening, ears twisting back when she realizes what she's done. "I'm sorry," she blurts, guilt writ across her features.

uh oh -- this character is harbouring the rabies virus and is contagious!
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Eventually, after some immeasurable amount of time, a faint glimmer of silver beneath ruffled water signaled hope for the wayward youth. He steadied himself, jaws parted as he lined up to snatch the fish from the stream when - COUGH.

His attention momentarily shot towards the girl's direction and by the time he turned back towards the waters, it was already too late. The fish, long gone and likely never to be seen again, was well out of his harms reach as it abandoned the girl to a still hungry Xizur.

Clearly unamused with the whole situation, the agouti youth turned his sights back on the girl as he shifted himself a few steps away and motioned to the now empty spot next to him. If she was so sorry, then she'd come and catch him a fish.