The Bracken Woods Every little nickel on the drum
All Welcome  February 14, 2020, 07:20 PM
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Set the morning of Feb 7
Anybody is welcome whether she's met them or not! <3

Holly had awoken this morning, her pain had gone away now. All that remained was the scar on her shoulder and the occasional ringing of her ears and sudden dizziness, but she had gotten good at hiding the last two. From what she knew, Holly had been able to hide her problems well enough and neither of them knew yet. As it had been happening frequently as of recent, Holly awoke fine.

It wasn't until she was a few meters away from the den that she got pummeled with nausea and got lightheaded. She wandered off further into the woods, making sure she was a good distance away from the others before leaning against a tree for support before sitting down. The pain eased a bit, relief flooded her veins as a quiet sigh escaped the golden lady.