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Saints Of The Dying Light
it happened in the quiet; the opening of her eyes 鈥 days ago now.

though the initial blur of foreign shapes was startling, mulberry does not fear the shadows of her life. she has no name for any of them 鈥 for the shadowy shape that gives her sweet mothers' milk, for the other large shadowy shape that comes and goes ( though is nevertheless constant and comforting ),聽nor the plump shadows of her brothers.

they surround her with warmth 鈥 and sometimes annoyance as one of her brothers gums at her tail or paw or still floppy ear leaving it coated in a thick glob of slobber聽( gross! ) 鈥 she is content to know that they are hers.

in truth, she gives them idle thought most days. her focus is on her self, on the ever blossoming awareness of herself ( still yet to be explored in any sort of depth ) and her rapidly developing body. her sense of smell was still weak, her eyesight horrendously poor; still deaf to the world 'round her but nevertheless curious about the rumblings of the large shadows.

after a nap lulled upon her with a full belly of warm, sweet mothers' milk, the witchling wakes and stretches and on wobbly and unsteady legs attempts to stand. she doesn't think about it; just that it feels natural even as untested legs quiver and give out and she flops onto something ( thankfully ) fluffy. whether it was a parent or sibling she wasn't yet sure.

current puppy stage: socialization
May 05, 2021, 03:18 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
Thyme was napping as well, until he felt someone just fall into him. The pale boy yawned and opened his eyes. By seen the could tell that it was his sister. He let out another yawn and but he snuggled more against her. He automatically rested his head against聽of her, automatically using her as a pillow. He inhaled happily, feeling warm, fed and now snuggled happily against his sister.