Pack Formation Change & Required Reading Update
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Ooc — Admins
Hello, WOLFers!

We have two updates to share today!

Pack Formation

We've made a couple of changes this year aimed at reducing the game's reliance on systems and shifting the focus back to narrative as the driving force. We think we've done this pretty successfully so far, and we have one more addition!

The current green light process for pack formation requires that pack leaders remain active for a forming pack to stay greenlit. Should a leader fall inactive, they lose their green light and need to reapply for it. Since we require that pack formation threads be created after a green light is obtained, there is an implication that threads become invalid if a green light is removed.

After some discussion, none of the CMs feel comfortable invalidating pack progress and making a pack start from scratch when a leader falls inactive, which means there is no practical reason for a pack to lose its green light.

With this in mind, and after discussing what would best support the game's shift toward storytelling, we have decided to remove the green light process. Players no longer require CM approval to begin pack formation. Anyone can begin forming a pack at any time, provided their character is active in the game. The thread and member count requirements for pack formation remain the same.

Pledged groups will be created for forming packs as members apply to the Pledged user group. Once added, a Pledged group will only be removed if the pack officially forms or there are no titled members remaining.

The Pack Management page in the Guidebook has been updated to reflect these changes. We hope this will allow pack formation to occur a little more organically!

Idea Sharing Policy

We've made the following addition to the Required Reading section of the Guidebook:


Idea Sharing and Copyright

When creating characters and packs for Wolf, members are welcome to reference works of fiction for light inspiration. Direct copying or heavy referencing will result in a character being denied or delays during pack formation. Names, light background inspiration, and "face claims" are fine. Identical backstories or personalities, copied directly from another source, are not. If you have any questions about what an acceptable level of reference is, feel free to reach out to the CM team.

Characters and profile artwork belong to the member who plays the character, be it adopted or otherwise. Packs and pack artwork, once introduced ICly, belong to the Wolf community. This ensures that packs can organically continue, develop, and change as time goes on and pack membership shifts. Despite this shared ownership, our rules on metagaming still stand — highly specific cultural aspects of a pack would not be known to those who were never exposed to it.

This is not a new policy, but we felt it should be in the Guidebook for full transparency. Please be mindful that with the green light process being removed, submitted packs that borrow too heavily from other works of fiction may be required to make changes before they can be finalized, regardless of established IC references.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these updates, please feel free to respond here, message the CMs directly, or drop us a line via the Contact The Staff forum.