Art Credit Addendum
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Ooc — Admins
Hey folks, we've had the new art credit rules in effect for a little while now, and we wanted to clarify the kind of credit that we'd like to see. Going forward, a list of comma separated names with no indication of who created which piece of art will no longer suffice.

Option 1: Credit inline with each image and indicated in the Art Credits field.

Example 1 Wrote:
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[Image: 300]
Image by

Art Credit
Images credited inline.

Option 2: Credit each image in the Art Credit field.

Example 2 Wrote:Art Credit
Avatar manip by [Artist]. Photo by [Photographer].
Reference in appearance by [Artist]. Photo found on [Website].
Puppy lineart by [Artist]. Color by [Artist].
Banner photographer unknown (old photo saved on hard drive).

It should be easy for us to match up the artist to the artwork, since we want to give credit where credit is due. Hyperlinks to the original artist are not required, but definitely encouraged!
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