Pack Information
Here, you will find the information pages for all the former packs at Wolf. These includes packs that have disbanded, as well as packs that have relocated and changed their names or merged with other packs.
  Ankyra Sound Ankyra Sound
Last Post: WOLF
  Two Rivers Isle Arthendal
Last Post: Burke
  Bearclaw Valley Bearclaw Valley
Last Post: WOLF
  Stavanger Bay Blackrock Depths
Last Post: Szymon
  Blacktail Deer Plateau Blacktail Deer Plateau
Last Post: WOLF
  Wheeling Gull Isle Bonechewers
Last Post: WOLF
  Broken Antler Fen Broken Antler Fen
Last Post: Sebastian
  The Sentinels Donnelaith
Last Post: Lasher
  Duskfire Glacier Duskfire Glacier
Last Post: WOLF
  Northstar Vale Duskvale
Last Post: Saena
  Stone Circle Easthollow
Last Post: Steady
  Frostfire Ridge Frostfire Ridge
Last Post: WOLF
  Noctisardor Bypass Ganador Bypass
Last Post: Gwen
  Golden Glade Golden Glade
Last Post: Jhala
  Ankyra Sound Grimnismal
Last Post: Wylla
  Horizon Ridge Horizon Ridge
Last Post: WOLF
  Hoshor Plains Hoshor Plains
Last Post: WOLF
  Jade Fern Grove Jade Fern Grove
Last Post: WOLF
  Larksong Grotto Larksong Grotto
Last Post: Reek
  Lost Creek Hollow Lost Creek Hollow
Last Post: WOLF