Profile of Chaska: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Chaska
Subspecies: Great Plains Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 6 (May 26, 2011)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
Grey fur, darker grey fur along back and tail, bushy grey tail, medium sized, lightly built.
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Profile of Chaska: Details
Grey fur, grey muzzle, light grey face-fur, fur on legs lighter grey, darker grey fur along back and tail, bushy grey tail, medium sized, lightly built, light brown eyes, scar on front right shoulder.

He had two new scars from his 'quest'; part of his left ear had been chewed off and a double streak across his left eye.
Open about his feelings to those he knows closely, such as pack mates. Will continue pushing in arguments until he gets his point across verbally. More of a talker than a fighter. Protective of pack mates and others he finds to be close to him. Positive thinker. Smart about tough situations. Not very emotional, but can be compassionate. Very nonchalant. Likes to be helpful and needed.

But after returning from his 'quest', he changed. He became more brooding and depressed. Yet from time to time he tries to keep to his old self with jokes. Plainly bad jokes.
Chaska fled from his earlier pack, due to a rival pack attacking it. He fought against several others in the escape, but in the end was the last left alive of his pack. The scar on his shoulder is there as a memory of that day. He made no kills, and was left barely alive. After much travelling, he came to The Teekon Wilds, where he found a new pack.

After some time, and practice, he becomes a chronicler and begins a trade of storytelling to the members of Silvertip.

Some time later (September 11th), nightmares of his past began to arise. These put him on edge, and he had a lack of sleep around and after this time.

After a bump on the head (November 26), he forgot everything about himself, and his personality went completely the other way around.

A month or so later, he regains his memory after finding something that stuck to his mind.

Soon after the locust plague swept in, Chaska left on a 'quest'. He returned about a month and a half later.

After returning, the pack moved and was renamed Easthollow. He continued to serve the alpha, until a female, Evelyn, came by. He soon became mates with her. They were chased off and they later joined another pack.

After Chaska accidentally ingested some poppy seeds, he scared off Evelyn. After, he tried to return to Easthollow, and was turned away. He left for another pack, for a short time before he finally left Teekon.
Pack History
Parents: Dead
Siblings: Dead
Old Pack:

SilverTip Mountain:
Iota (After returning)
Profile of Chaska: Additional Information
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