Profile of Wyn: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Wyn Glace
Subspecies: Greenland Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1.75 (February 2014)
Birthplace: Greenland
At A Glance
Shaggy white fur, with haunted violet eyes. Medium in size, she has a mystical aura to her.
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Profile of Wyn: Details
Her step is light, her indigo eyes guarded and impossible to read. They stare at you from her narrow face, wispy white fur giving her an almost ghostly appearance. She is not one of those wolves that stuns you with her beauty, she is more like the starry sky, it takes a while to notice her magnificence, but once you do, you are awed forever. Her pure body is marred by only one scar, a spiral symbol that resides on her shoulder, burned there by the leader of her pack back in Greenland. Wyn is medium in size, bordering on small, yet very light in weight, making her an exceptional long distance runner, but a poor fighter.
Wyn doesn't speak much, due to her lack of much English, and therefor comes off as stuck up or snobby. She is cautious of strangers and doesn't make friends easily. She is haunted by the horrors of her pack and gives off a spooked feeling, making others very cautious or even scared of her. She doesn't mind, making friends is not what she is here for.
Wyn was born and raised in West Greenland, where her parents were respected members of the Siku pack. She grew up with two brothers, always fighting to be the best. She eventually became a respected pack member herself, a happy young wolf that enjoyed being part of her pack. But all that shattered when the humans came. They took away her parents and brothers, her entire family was gone and she was thrown into a metal cage to be shipped off to America. When she was realized she searched for months for her family, to no avail. Eventually she gave up, wandering lost and alone in the wild, until she stumbled across Teekon.
Mother- Presumed dead
Father- Presumed dead
Akutaq(Brother)- Presumed dead
Eko(Brother)- Presumed dead
Profile of Wyn: Additional Information
Has a hard time with English, speaks mostly Kalaallisut(West Greelandic)
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