Profile of Lagan: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Tiarnach "Lagan" Blackthorn
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains x Buffalo
Sex: Male
Age: 1 Year (June 22nd, 2016)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera
At a Glance
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Profile of Lagan: Details
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Lagan is still very youthful in appearance, but he's actually filled out some. He will always be below average in size, and lanky in physique, but he's gained some muscle with age, and is growing to be a healthy boy. While his build is thin and lithe, his face and mane is round and plushy and gives him a jovial appearance. He has large ears and huge feet, looking quite disproportionate but none the less adorable. His fur is a light grey color, but shifts to white along his sides and unders. The ridge along his spine is darker grey than the rest of his body, and between his shoulders is a tuft of charcoal. He has a white spot in between his eyes, and overall looks identical to his twin Liffey aside from his eyes, which are a a soft apple green.
- he speaks with a bit of a lisp, which he will carry with him probably into early adulthood
Lagan has grown a lot from puppyhood to young adulthood, but he is also still very much the same. His maturity in general has improved to that of his actual age, and he's grown a little more adventurous of late. Extremely playful, curious, lighthearted and optimistic, that of which will likely never change. He gets scared easily, but despite his fears he is very brave. He is very empathetic and is good at listening to people's problems, but doesn't always take things seriously. He's a fast learner, but once again he can be kind of a slacker. He’s a little absent minded at times, and thinks he’s pretty darn awesome. However he's a huge love bug and is easy to befriend.
- Lagan is currently going through his edgy phase, he might seem a little different and your character is free to notice his mood
Tiarnach was born with his litter mates Liffey and Lucy, to Finley and Elwood Blackthorn. He had a pretty normal and happy life as a new born, he enjoyed catching 'fi fies' with his twin and other inky sister, and eating a lot. Despite being born at the end of a famine, and starting out at an unhealthy weight, Lagan and his sisters survived. And though he managed to put in enough to survive, he would always be a rather thin boy.

When he was around a month old, Lagan's sister Lucy was snatched by a 'monster' and taken away. His father left to search for her, but to no avail. Finley moved the twins to a new site, somewhere safer within the territory, and when Elwood returned with the bad news, she went on her out searching trip.

Finley didn't return till a couple months later, during that time quite a bit happened. Lagan' beloved Uncle Pee died, and one of Peregrine's own children returned to the Caldera. When finally Lagan's mother returned, he was glad to see her. Like Liffey, he's only known his other sister for a little while, and being an optimist, he was just glad to see his mom back and ok.

At the beginning of the new year, Lagan's aunt Fox gave birth to six new firebirds, however she died during childbirth. With both his aunt and uncle now dead, Lagan and Liffey's parents stepped up to the role of alpha. With the death of Lagan's aunt, he gained six new adopted siblings/ nieces and nephews, which soon became five. Lagan loves the babies, and doesn't want to see another one go.

Well not too long after, there was a massive blizzard at the Caldera, and the Redhawk family decided to move into a cave. Lagan absolutely hated their new cave home, finding it boring and dumb. In a particularly harsh storm, the cave entrance caved in and Lagan and some of the others were trapped inside. While trapped, one of the other pups, Oriole, passed away as well. It was a sad day, but eventually lead to the Redhawk's escape from the cave.

In April, Lagan's twin sister Liffey left the Caldera to be with a group of young wolves. Lagan misses her greatly, but it took the biggest toll on his mother. After a while, Lagan started getting over it, but then he lost his cousin on a short trip outside of the territory. This upset Lagan a lot, but he worked through it.

A couple months later, Lagan's older brother Eljay left the Caldera as well. Lagan and his cousin Gannet became traveling buddies and planned an exploration together. Finley got pregnant again, and after Lagan's four new baby siblings were born, he and Gannet went on their adventure. While adventuring, Lagan met a boy who he totally had a crush on, Tapat. Alas the boy’s didn’t have much time together. A food shortage in the Caldera kept Lagan busy there, and the distraction of his siblings, he hadn’t gone to visit Tapat in a while.
Lagan was born on June 22nd in Redhawk Caldera to Elwood and Finley Blackthorn. He has an older brother named Eljay, a twin sister, Liffey, and another sister Lucy. A year after his own birth, his mother gave birth to four more siblings for Lagan; Tegan, Clover, Fiadh, and Lucca.

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Pack History
REDHAWK CALDERA — 22/06/2016 to now (Omicron -> Xi -> Eta -> Delta -> Gamma -> Kappa)

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Profile of Lagan: Additional Information
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actual footage of Lagan and his baby sibs
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