Profile of Vega: Quick Facts
Played By: Kate
Basic Info
Full Name: Vega Ostrega
Subspecies: ⅝ Rocky Mountain x ¼ Eastern Timber x ⅛ Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (June 17, 2019)
Birthplace: Moonspear, Great Bear Wilderness
At a Glance

Osiris is allowed in any of Vega’s threads.
Profile of Vega: Details
Exceptionally average in build. She is identical to her father in coloration, sporting an agouti-patterned coat in autumnal hues, drenched in darker shades along her topside from her ears to her tail.

** sports a rather large but well hidden scar on her shoulder, sometimes limps in extreme cold or when it rains.
Confident, headstrong, flirtatious. Dangerous in every sense of the word. An expert at performing mental gymnastics. Wholly dedicated to her family.
Parents: Hydra & Dirge
Siblings: Antares, Atlas, Osiris

note to self: new kids when on desktop
Pack History
Moonspear: 6/17/19 - present
Profile of Vega: Additional Information
Registered on May 02, 2019, last visited July 08, 2023, 01:37 PM
Moonspear residents are welcome to reference Vega In any thread — just tag her.

This character was played by Kim until 05/22/20.
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Hi, I’m Kate! I have DMs disabled on all character profiles. Please contact my OOC account with any inquiries.
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