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Basic Info
Full Name: Amita “Aero” Arcadia
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (October 21, 2016)
Birthplace: Alaska
At A Glance
Her rather large ears, medium to small size, long full tail, and personality get her confused with the most cunning fox. Her coat is colored with all shades of jet black, grays, and maroons. Her stunning bright gold eyes always catch attention and seem otherworldly when she looks upon others. She has spots that act as brows sitting just above her golden eyes, and a winged mark extending from them giving her a sort of eyeliner effect.
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Profile of Amita: Details
90 lbs

Scent: Herbs and spices, a certain sweet smell follows her around as well.

She’s a medium to small sized wolf. Her coat consists of black and maroon. Anita’s eyes are a bright stunning yellow. Her ears are slightly on the bigger side and the tips of both are colored white. I’m the light her usually black looking coat seems like it has a maroonish hue. Her tail is long and full of fur, it’s peppered with different shades of blacks and reds then finally at the tip it fades into a solid black. Her paws are pure black then fade into a light coal the higher up on her legs you go.
She’s a mysterious sort of wolf, the type that probably more akin to a Fox due to their cunning nature. She doesn’t like fighting for she’s usually been able to be fast enough to flee or talk/trick her way out of any hairy situation she’s ever been in. Saying she’s untrustworthy isn’t going too far, she’s a sly trickster and try’s her best to manipulate others into getting what she wants. Amita can be a genuine wolf at times, though her moral compass is a little off balance she’s not evil and usually knows right from wrong.
Her father, Artemis Arcadia, is the one who taught her her ways. Though he himself was a rather large dark furred wolf and loved the thrill of battle, he didn’t want Amita to be the same. So he taught her the tricks of the trade. How to be cunning and how to keep a low profile.
She spent most of her life in Alaska, all she had was her father. Her father killed her mother, for reasons she still doesn’t know today. The day her father passed away from another wolf is the day she decided to make a life of her own. So she traveled and traveled, eventually making her way into the Teekon wilds.
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