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Lone Wolves

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Full Name: Amita “Aero” Arcadia
Subspecies: Alaskan Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (October 21, 2016)
Birthplace: Kuskokwin Bay, Alaska.
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A slim black-phase wolf. She's prematurely greyed out for the most part, with notable darkness upon her face (snout, brow, cheekbones). Her limbs are still mostly dark and give her a pointed look, with the furnishings of her limbs appearing ink-dark. The warm tone her coat retained in her youth has muted considerably but there are still some patches of maroon patterning within her coat, giving a subtle variation that most will miss. Dark 'eye-hooks' accentuate the woman's cheekbones, sort of like winged eyeliner, and bring attention her her hazel-green eyes.
A smooth talker who enjoys serving as a temptation to others, provided she can get something out of it for herself. Whether it is due to her banter or her looks, she knows she can be charming and utilizes her charisma to escape tight spaces whenever necessary. She is certainly more of a lover than a fighter; some may even label her a silver fox.
Raised by a single father who wasn't an ideal candidate for the position, but he taught her how to keep a low profile and survive to the best of her ability. As Aero never showed promise as a warrior (which was the biggest detriment to her relationship with her combat-obsessed father), they were not particularly close growing up. When he finally met his end as a victim of his own bravado (dying in battle) Aero did not feel inclined to mourn his passing, but rather she mourned the change in her circumstances - and that, eventually, became a celebration of her new-found independence. She has wandered ever since, doing whatever she pleases.
Father: Artemis
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