Profile of Ethan: Quick Facts
Raventhorpe NPC
Played By: Ryder
Basic Info
Full Name: Ethan Finley
Subspecies: Canis Lupus
Size: Small, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Trans Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 5 years old (November 24th, 2018)
Birthplace: In a small den
NPC Guidelines
Ethan can be referenced hunting a lot, spending time with Ike, interacting with his packmates, and sharing stories/life lessons with the young of the pack.
At a Glance
Black markings on his otherwise pure white pelt, his deep blue eyes, his timid posture, and his long fur.
Profile of Ethan: Details
Small white wolf with black paws, black face markings, a black chest patch, and a black tail tip. His appearance is quite interesting, and he almost appears like a panda. His eyes are a timid blue. His fur is longer than average.

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flowerpossum -- Ethan (left) and his kids, Ike (white) and Mya (brown)
Timid, unsure, shy, doesn't stand up for himself. He will let wolves bully him rather than fight, though he can fight if he's attacked, and despite his small size he's strong and can pack a punch.
Ethan was born alongside his brother Issac. Ethan was born female but has always felt like he was a male. He used to say as a young pup that he'd grow up to be a big strong man. His parents would just laugh at him but go along with it, thinking he was confused. Issac was the favorite child, as he was larger and stronger than Ethan. When he was 5 months he told his parents he was certain he was a male and they let him change his name from Ella to Ethan, and changed his gender and pronouns. Ethan was born in the wild, and after he turned 1, his parents kicked him and Issac out. They then had another litter, whom Ethan and Issac never met. The two brothers lived together for 2 months before Issac went his own way. They haven't interacted nor seen each-other since.

Ethans father is 25% dog, as his dads mom was a wolfdog (partially husky, partially wolf), making Ethan about 12.5% dog, hence his longer, softer, fur.

Ethan has 6 kids currently. He plans to have more children in the future
--Elijah (Father, NPC)-- Large husky-looking man, with thick white fur and a large black overcoat, masking over his face as well. He has piercing blue eyes. Born 5-9-16
--Leah (Mother, NPC)- Longfurred, lean, smaller, silvery-gray shewolf, with light green eyes. Born 9-15-16
--Issac (Brother, NPC)- Large, slate-colored tom with thicker fur, and darker green eyes. Same age as Ethan (Born 11-24-18)
Younger siblings
--Noah (Brother, NPC)- Pure white boy with one blue eye and one green eye. He has longer fur and is on the smaller side. Born 4-14-21.
--James (Brother, NPC) - Dark gray boy with a black overcoat, and one white paw. His eyes are forest green. He is larger with thicker fur. Born 4-14-21.
--Abigail (Sister, NPC) - Lean, small, silvery-white girl with light blue eyes and longer fur. Born 4-14-21.
Children: Ike (me), Mya (possum)
--Second Litter: Elijah Franklin (Me), Ember Jay (Mercury), Leo Hawk (Box), Donnie Ryder (Jess)
Pack History
Loner from June 13, 2022 through Sept 3rd 2022
Joined Kvarsheim on September 3rd, 2022
Was exiled from Kvarsheim on January 18th 2023
Became a rogue again Jan 18th 2023, but immediately set out to join Epoch
Joined Epoch on 1/29/23 and has resided there from then forward
Profile of Ethan: Additional Information
Registered on June 13, 2022, last visited April 10, 2024, 07:47 PM
Ethan is pregnant as of February 16th 2023. His pups are due on April 16th, and throughout the time between these dates he will get increasingly more pregnant and it will get more and more noticeable. Refer here - - to figure out how he will appear and act based on that timeline.
Art Credits
Ethan's Signature

Ethan is a transgender male so he appears to be a female wolf to those who do not know him. For realism all wolves should misgender him until he introduces himself.
Player Notes
I am a younger member between the ages of 13-17, my pronouns are he/him, he/they, and I am in school so my activity is limited. Time zone is EST.
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