Profile of Esma: Quick Facts
Riverclan Apprentice
Played By: Me
Basic Info
Full Name: Esma
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 11 months (3/5/23)
Birthplace: Riverclan -- Lost Creek
At a Glance
Puppy, yellow eyes
Profile of Esma: Details
White-Gray base, cape of brown and a mask too. Yellow eyes
Esma is a quiet and shy kid, mostly keeps to herself and is socially awkward with strangers. This may or may not change over time, when she gets out of the familiar circle of family and friends and ventures outside more. A self-sufficient and very easy child to have around. Obedient to the point of being boring and invisible sometimes.

She is affectionate to her siblings and mom, but always puts their needs and wishes above hers. She enjoys hearing stories about the gods and the spirits and she is keen on learning about the religion Ash Paw is following, whenever possible.
Born to her mother, Ash Paw, alongside 2 sisters and one brother, in Riverclan
Mother is Ash Paw
Father is Sanguinex
Siblings are Acantha, Belvedere, and Enelise
Pack History
Riverclan at birth
Profile of Esma: Additional Information
Registered on March 05, 2023, last visited 11 hours ago
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Esma's Signature
Ask before skipping. Esma was born 3/5/23
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