Profile of Roamer: Quick Facts
Redtail Rise Ulfr
Played By: Chelsie
Basic Info
Full Name: Roamer Redtail
AKA: Wanderer, Watcher
Subspecies: Mixed Wolf
Size: Small, Athletic
Sex: Female
Age: 10 months (March 23, 2023)
Birthplace: Redtail Rise
Profile of Roamer: Details

A rather small wolf whose size belies her strength, like an ancestor who came before her. this wolf is all lean muscle with precise proportions, but even for a juvenile, her figure is a little on the boyish side. She has a dusky mahogany coat that darkens to black on her limbs and face and her eyes are a dark shade of ruby red. She walks with a smooth prowl that is eerily reminiscent of her uncle, but lacks the inherent stealth.


The second child of Avicus and Prophet. Her only full-blooded sibling is Relic but she has numerous half-siblings: elder sisters Masquerade and Redd; littermates Carrion, Mulherin, and Redsky; and unknown half-sibling Dagur.

Additional family to be listed eventually.


23/03/2023 — 23/09/2023
23/09/2023 — 05/10/2023
05/10/2023 — PRESENT
Profile of Roamer: Additional Information
Registered on March 30, 2023, last visited 2 hours ago
Note: This character lacks the fundamental concept of a name and does not have a set name. Her "name" is her perception of her current role or place in the world and is always a verb with the "-er" suffix, e.g. Wanderer. Her name changes whenever her situation and perception of herself changes. She will respond to any previous name or any name any other character gives to her. Therefore, others are not expected to know or keep up with her many identities, but those who interact with her often will notice the peculiarity and may be confused by her ever-changing monikers.
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Avatar: Photo Kati H. (Dawnthieves)
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