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Played By: Kan
Basic Info
Full Name: Iaghe (Pronunciation: E•uh)
Subspecies: Wolf mix (75% Coastal x 25% Arctic)
Size: Tiny, Thin
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 3 (Winter, 2020)
Birthplace: Aërion (The Holy Sea)
At a Glance
[Image: vImKZN.gif]
Profile of Iaghe: Details
the dark, angular form of her mother washed in the white of sea foam. amongst her tribe, this is the whispered works of spirits. (though, in truth, this is nothing more mystical than leucism.)

winterborne, the girl grew into a woman cloaked in silver save for the sooty stockings climbing up her legs: moonlight upon nightly waters. ivory dusts along her spine and freckles her face, not unlike snowfall, which would serve to imbue an impression of youth if not for the hollow cast of her features. where visible, this patchy white splotches her skin with a vitiligo-esque pattern.

the only trait not effected by genes is iaghe's eyes, a sharp crystal blue.

other features of note include a ravaging of mostly healed scars along the woman's length -- the most noticeable being a shredded left ear and several lacerations fanning along this side of her face.

following the meteor strike within the sentinels forest, iaghe bears the mark of fire along the right side of her body. here, the pocked scars of black and white will curl around her throat, span the length of her ribcage and tattoo her haunch.

"up with your turret.
aren't we just terrified?"
[Image: morphing-traces-high.gif?w=380]

Quote:'Dissociative amnesia is a type of dissociative disorder that involves inability to recall important personal information that would not typically be lost with ordinary forgetting. It is usually caused by trauma or stress. In dissociative amnesia, the information lost would normally be part of conscious awareness and would be described as autobiographic memory.

Although the forgotten information may be inaccessible to consciousness, it sometimes continues to influence behavior (eg, a woman who was assaulted in an elevator refuses to ride in elevators even though she cannot recall the assault). The amnesia appears to be caused by traumatic or stressful experiences endured or witnessed (eg, physical or sexual abuse, rape, combat, genocide, natural disasters, death of a loved one, serious financial troubles) or by tremendous internal conflict (eg, turmoil over guilt-ridden impulses or actions, apparently unresolvable interpersonal difficulties, criminal behaviors). Rarely, dissociative amnesia is accompanied by purposeful travel or bewildered wandering, called fugue (from the Latin word fugere "to flee").

silent. war-torn. feral. soft. neurotic. ill. terrified. protective. guilty.

Quote:'Dissociative fugue is an uncommon phenomenon that sometimes occurs in dissociative amnesia. Dissociative fugue often manifests as

• Sudden, unexpected, purposeful travel away from home
• Bewildered wandering

[Image: 1116c8f9234102f240dbde3cfc77f6d1f78b1b8e.jpg]

"shale, screen your worry
from what you won't ever find."
[Image: 6976ea880c18a500015923d3a0c241a9.gif]

the sea has taken all.

Teekon & Beyond:
iaghe spent some time recovering from her ordeals in the care of andr. she seemed to be steadily improving until tragedy struck again. iaghe watched a meteorite strike happen in the sentinels forest, and ventured onto the site to save a stranger who'd been caught in the fallout. but the woman was badly injured and even with andr's help, they couldn't save her. they were forced to leave the woman behind and though iaghe spent some time searching, she never found the woman. traumatized and guilty for how she'd burdened andr and put him in harm's way, iaghe eventually snuck away in the dark of night. this seemed the best course of action for andr, a decision that would lead iaghe out of teekon until midwinter. while away, iaghe managed to regain a small portion of her memories and ability to talk. but when things began to grow too familiar as she traveled north along the coast, and rumors began to circulate about a long lost cousin and the uncle whom had ruined both their lives -- she ran.

"sea and the rock below,
cocked to the undertow."
iaghe has washed up upon the shores of teekon, where she was found and nursed back to health by andr. he has been savior and ally, companion and confidante. he is a tether to the earth; he is to iaghe as a lighthouse is a hurricane.

unbeknownst to her, iaghe is a cousin of lótë nuiruk -- as well as the clan of nuiruk within moonglow by extension.
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"i can't come out. if i do, i'll go mad again" -- Snitter, The Plague Dogs
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