Profile of Koa: Quick Facts
The Tribe Family
Played By: Vamikins
Basic Info
Full Name: Ko'a
Pronunciation: co-uh
Subspecies: Eastern Coyote (50% Coyote, 50% Red Wolf)
Size: Small, Lanky
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (3/31/21)
Birthplace: The Tribe
Alignment: True Neutral
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Profile of Koa: Details

In color, Koa harbors an overall golden blonde coat. Her head, mid-section and collar around her neck are blonde which fade to a darker golden hue on the outer portions of her legs. Her darkest parts are ginger-red, found by a mask on her face (around her eyes and down her muzzle) and the backs of her ears. Flecks of brown guard hairs speckle her upper body. Inner ears, throat, undersides and inner limbs are creamy white. Her eyes are a peach-pale yellow.

In build, she on the larger scale of what a coyote would be and small for a wolf, given her half-blood. She looks far less leggy and thin-boned then other coy, due to a more full-figured structure.

"Desert Devoted", she will not live anywhere else but a home around a sea of sands. Spiritual, she believes and respects the gods & deities, even though she does not often pray or show worship. Survivalist, she is self-sufficient, self-assured and resilient. A bit guarded, while always appearing friendly and confidant, trust can take time. Despite this, she enjoys the company of a group, as she always has. Many of 'her kind' are playful, jokers and storytellers and she is fond of it all, though not much of a taler weaver or trickster herself. "One of us!", shes naturally more friendly and playful to those of the Tribe. She is both curious, yet cautious of outsiders. A stickler for routine and tradition. Care-free and nonchalant, this woman is not so easily riled up but will strike quick and fiercely when provoked.

Interests: Talisman

Cousins: S'ari & Ri'zura
Pack History

Ko'a grew up within the Tribe as a single pup to the litter, though among a harem of age-mate children as company. Her father was a traveling merchant, who came to the Tribe and mixed his business with pleasure. Though would be visited by her father, her relationship with her mother obviously held more weight. Still, when her cousin S'ari decided to embark with a want to expand the Tribe, Ko'a followed.

More on what it means to be Tribe via beliefs, culture, hierarchy etc, can all be found here.

Home Tribe: birth—spring 2023 (off-site)
Dispersal: spring 2023—summer 2023
The Tribe: summer 2023—present
Profile of Koa: Additional Information
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