Profile of Gaara: Quick Facts
The Tribe Sunling
Played By: Vami
Basic Info
Full Name: Gaara the Daybreaker, Seeker of the Rising Sun
Subspecies: Coyote
Size: Large, Athletic
Sex: Male
Age: 0 (3/10/2024)
Birthplace: Verdigris Ravine (The Tribe)
At a Glance
Profile of Gaara: Details

Large on the scale of his species and athletic in build. Gaara will practice his strengths against that of his brothers & father at any given chance. He is dark of pelt, passed from his mother, of charcoal & ruddy red and streaks of ashen grey by the passing of his father. His eyes are a deeply capturing navy. He often carries himself in an alert, upright stance.

**The simplicity of the name Gaara comes from his father. Daybreaker, derives from his mother's culture.

(may alter as he ages) Gaara is not a very spoken wolf, something acquired from both his parents. More often than not he uses grunts, woofs and body language for communication. When he does speak, his words are simple and clipped. A very primal & instinctual being. As a child, he tries to dominant his first-born brother, trying to assert his place early among his peers. Gaara will come to take a 'manly role' of protector to the women and children of his group as he ages. Something he has obtained by growing up with five females and watching his father care for all three women and their litters during his birth season. Soft attentiveness is reserved for those Tribe, whilst outsiders are met with aggression, disinterest & distrust. If at any point he is not with Tribe, he will spend weeks traveling in isolation, being one with the sands as he chases the rising sun.

Father: Zoug
Mothers: The Candlekeeper
Brothers: Brac
Sisters: Aylah, Ebra

Pack History

stuff to go here.

More on what it means to be Tribe via beliefs, culture, hierarchy etc, can all be found here.

The Tribe: spring 2024—present
Profile of Gaara: Additional Information
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