Profile of Nivis: Quick Facts
Mate to Reyna
Played By: Nivis
Basic Info
Full Name: Nivis
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Medium, Thin
Sex: Male
Gender: cis male
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 2 (22.09.2022)
Birthplace: behind a bush during a snowstorm
At a Glance
Mostly here to rp with a friend, I don’t interact a lot.

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Profile of Nivis: Details
Nivis is a black wolf with gradients of white on his hindlegs and long tail. His chest area is full of fluffy fur but that fur is unfortunately not too long. The same applies for the rest of his body. His size is rather average and he is also thin, scrawny. Ribs are visible. His eyes can sometimes be recognized as red but are actually very dark brown and from a distance he might seem taller and stronger than he actually is.
Nivis likes to play. He likes to play with other wolves, with his prey and those he considers worthy of tease. Easily told then, his games don’t involve ball chase but rather mental manipulation and taunt. It’s not that hates others or doesn’t have feelings, he just mostly doesn’t like being expressive.

He cares only about those who are close to him and considers worthy of his feelings, which funnily enough is his partner Reyna he likes to pretend he doesn’t have interest in. He is rather a loner, doesn’t like packs and considers most foolish, which is why it’s so easy for him to oversmart them—he knows how to wrap others around his paw quite easily and move on without an issue.

He mostly uses his skillful abilities for hunt and she-wolves chase. They mate, he leaves. He runs around and cheats a lot.

In general; he is sly, evil and manipulative but underneath that all there is a good heart.
He was born into a noble pack of wolves who place emphasis on the importantce of the strict rules run down through for ages.

Nivis is a second born son to an unknown alpha he rather acts like he forgot the name of. His mother had only litter of cubs and that consisted of two… or at least, Nivis supposes so? Due to not being the first born, his older brother was supposed to take over the pack eventually and therefore Nivis was always valued less, as if not worthy even. His puphood was rather unfortunate and he didn’t get the chance to enjoy it much. He has always been a loner.

Nivis has always also loved to find entertainment in taunt and thrived of spending time around female wolves, which is what ended up fateful for him. He found a young mate, a partner to him, he ended up falling in love with. Funnily enough she made him so comfortable he couldn’t help it and mated with her not only once. That mate was no one else but Reyna who was however also in the process of getting wed off to another mate.

As the result of that Nivis was exiled out of his pack. To his family he was useless and they didn’t approve or needed anyone causing troubles.

Heartless then, Nivis has been a loner ever since then, now with Reyna, who ran away from her own pack, by his side. He still tends to tumble wolves although; that’s his life style.

mate: Reyna

mother: x
father: x

(Nivis hates his family, he curses them. His brother is actually not dead, he wishes for him to be so though.)

Pack History
The only pack Nivis was ever in was the pack he was born into. From that one he was exiled and is currently not looking for a new one. He prefers to be a loner, but Reyna—his mate—has different plans.
Profile of Nivis: Additional Information
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he is a bitch
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are you lost my little lamb, reyna?
in my heart perhaps? 
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