Profile of Treepie: Quick Facts
Moonspear Babe
Played By: Kat
Basic Info
Full Name: Tiuttuk "Treepie" Ostrega
Spirit Name: Tapitsik ("Two at Once")
Subspecies: Wolf, various subspecies
Size: Tiny, Muscular
Sex: Intersex
Pronouns: They/Them
Age: 0+ (March 25, 2024)
Birthplace: Moonspear, Teekon Wilds
Profile of Treepie: Details
Jet black cloaks their face and throat, contrasted by a white swatch beginning at the crest of their head, enfolding their ears and draping down the back of their neck to wrap their midsection. This pale coloration is disrupted by a burnt orange saddle fanning across their shoulder blades and upper back before fading dramatically into cinder forelegs. Their hind legs are a matching shade of charcoal offset by an orange fringe. Their tail matches their snowy white torso, the latter third of it dipped in inky black. Their eyes are the same sunshine yellow as their parents', though their svelte, willowy build favors their mother. See: white-bellied treepie.

Mate: n/a
Offspring: n/a

Paternal Grandparents: Bronco & Fennec
Maternal Grandparents: Jarilo & Kukutux
Asterisks denote adopted relatives.
Pack History


Moonspear: 03/2024 — present
Profile of Treepie: Additional Information
Registered on March 25, 2024, last visited July 16, 2024, 09:33 PM
Art Credits
Appearance Reference: Twin
Treepie's Signature
Common Tongue | Atkan Aleut

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