Profile of Fiamma: Quick Facts
Played By: mercury
Basic Info
Full Name: Fiamma di Rossi
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 2 (11/1/2021)
Birthplace: Off-site
Voice: Sophia Loren
At a Glance
Profile of Fiamma: Details

a sleek, slender vision in silver, cast in shades from iron to pearl. face adorned with coquettish, slanted eyes of pale blue-gray and the dark diamond upon her forehead that marks her blood father's family.
[Image: pWtPRWR.png]
born to an old princely family, fiamma grew up wanting for nothing. as the only girl in a litter with three other boys, she was doted on by mother and father alike. her parents were devout followers of the religion formed by andras, and all seemed well.

but in early summer 2024, someone tipped off firenze that his wife had lain with andras around the same time as fiamma's litter was conceived. unable to truly verify their parentage, and horrified at the thought of bastards inheriting his family name, the father lashed out in rage, murdering his wife and ordering the slaughter of his three sons.

by virtue of her status as a lowly daughter, fiamma escaped death. but is life really worth living after such a tragedy?

perhaps the blood of her birth-father will slake her vengeful thirst.
mother: lucrezia di rossi
father: firenze di rossi
littermates: three brothers (names TBD)
maternal grandmother: fiamma di rossi

blood father: andras aquilanera
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Registered on July 03, 2024, last visited July 13, 2024, 03:53 PM
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avatar and appearance: twin
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This character is an exercise in longer-form RP writing. Please don't feel compelled to match length!
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