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[BWP] Documentary Crew - Dune - February 01, 2018

Timeline: February 15 – March 15.

Helicopters: These will be flying around lower than usual to the ground as the crew tries to get lots of panning shots of wolves roaming around and study their behavior.

Crash: One of the copters will crash during an intense freak snowstorm. Only one of the crew will survive the crash, but she will be badly injured, drawing hungry wolves to the smell of blood.

Radio collars: The crew will be putting collars on one wolf per pack, plus five lone wolves to track their movement and behavior for the month. They'll shoot the wolves with tranquilizer guns (scary!) from 'copters, then the wolves will wake up a few hours later with the collar on. Once that month is up, the collars will be removed using the same process. Collars will be chosen on a lottery basis. Sign up, then your name will be added to the list of potentials. Only one wolf per pack and five loners will get the "honor." Limit one character per player, since we want everybody to have a chance!

Campground: There will be a couple of recently-abandoned campgrounds which will be revealed through threads posted by The Narrator account. No humans or equipment/trash will be present when these are discovered, but they will smell like humans and some wolves may link the smells together with the collars.

Will my wolf interact with the humans at all? Not aside from the helicopter crash. The documentary crew is being extra careful to avoid direct contact with the wolves, aside from fitting them with radio collars, which your wolf will be unconscious during. They are observing wolves in their natural habitat.

Tracking collar signups

You may choose one of your characters to be in the lottery. Each pack will have one collared wolf. In addition, five lone wolves will be collared. Signups close on the 14th, and the roll will be conducted on the 15th (via the Tabletop forum). If nobody from your pack chooses to volunteer, nobody will be collared. This is opt-in only! You may choose to play out the tranquilizer scene, wake up with the collar on, or reference it in threads between February 15th and March 15th (when the collars will be removed). Sign up by replying to this thread with the character you'd like to put into the lottery.

Note: if new packs are formed between now and February 15th, they'll get their own category, and those characters will be moved out of the LW lottery.

Bearclaw Valley
1. Indra - Lauren
2. Reigi - Stray

Blackfeather Woods
1. Vaati - Jal
2. Maegi - Emily

1. Furi - Cruz
2. Eske - Rey
3. Prince - Somniari

1. Larus - Java
2. Steph - Mary Ellen
3. Valette - Mar
4. Clary - Jaclyn

1. Arrille - Cody
2. Chusi - Meebee

1. Dirge - ???
2. Terance - Magdalyn
3. Charon - Iris
4. Wraen - Me
5. Dune - Remedy

1. Dawn - Thalia
2. Kieran Adrien - Belle
3. Sunny - Chey

Redhawk Caldera
1. Quixote - Jennifer
2. Fiadh - Chelsie

1. Queenie - Tweety Bird
2. Fallyn - Alyssa
3. Mona - Ebony

Lone Wolves
1. Rosalyn - Starr
2. Komodo - Rachel
3. Outlander - Bunyip
4. Redshank - Laur
5. Sorina - Kuro
6. Tambourine - Kat
7. Cypress - KJ
8. Sascha - E
9. Lennon - Hannah
10. Damien - Anthony
11. Kallik - Kal
12. Skwol - Kris

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Dawn - February 01, 2018

this sounds amazing! I'd like to put Dawn in the lottery

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Rosalyn - February 01, 2018

Throwin Rosalyn here at this!

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Quixote - February 01, 2018

Please make Quixote think he was abducted by aliens and is doomed to die (or something, will think about it, rofl). :D LOOKS FUN!

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Earthsea - February 01, 2018

Earthsea for the collar lottery HARD. CORE.

Also Meteora. Both Lone Wolves! I can't read!

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Arrille - February 01, 2018

I would love to throw Arrille into this! (Plus he's my only pack wolf, hehe)

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Komodo - February 01, 2018

Komodo, please! :D

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Fiadh - February 01, 2018

Fiadh for Redhawk Caldera!

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Vaati - February 01, 2018

Vaati for BFW plez! <3

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Kieran Adrien - February 01, 2018

I'd love to throw Kieran at this!

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Mallaidh - February 01, 2018

Furi please!

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Yellowbelly - February 01, 2018

Ahh sorry here you go.
Larus - Easthollow.

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Indra - February 01, 2018

Indra (BCV) please.

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Queenie - February 01, 2018

Queenie, please!

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Outlander - February 01, 2018

Outlander, please!<3

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Maegi - February 01, 2018

Definitely Maegi

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Dirge - February 02, 2018

Wouldn't mind throwing Dirge into the collar ring. I like a writing challenge. :d

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Redshank - February 02, 2018

Signing up Redshank!

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Sorina - February 02, 2018

Signing up Sorina.

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Blodreina - February 02, 2018

Sign Eske up, please! :D

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Steph - February 02, 2018

I'll throw Steph in here!

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Tambourine - February 02, 2018

Sign up Tambourine, please!

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Sunny - February 02, 2018

Sorry! Signing sunny up for the collar!

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Fallyn - February 02, 2018

Signing up Fallyn

RE: [BWP] Documentary Crew - Terance - February 02, 2018

please sign terance up !