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I can haz Kierkegaard thread plz? I'd love a quick meet-n-greet.  :3

She sat alone on the beach that grim afternoon, staring out across the seemingly endless sea. Her bright eyes followed the movement of hovering gulls in the distance, watching as one dived fish and emerged victorious. The others flocked to the lone bird as its prize writhed between a firm grip, pecking and grasping and crying out as they bickered among themselves over who should rightfully consume the prey. In the end, the successful seagull lost the food to his larger brethren and returned to scouring the surf for another opportunity.

Nyx curled her tail about a seated haunch, feeling the chill of the wind as it whipped at her pelt. She pointed her muzzle skyward when a droplet of cold rain landed directly on her muzzle, and blinked up at the incoming charcoal clouds that brought threat of a downpour. Huffing through her nostrils, the golden Ostrega pulled herself onto her paws and turned to begin her wander along the beach.