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All Welcome  March 12, 2018, 01:59 PM
Border patrol, AW

He was beginning to grow unbelievably sick of the numerous problems entangled with the Saefyn name, Lonzo being top of the list. He was tired, worn out, unwilling to rise from his bed that morning simply because there was too much going on and it was messing with his head - every step he took seemed to take him two steps back. How was he supposed to defend his family when there were so many issues surrounding them? Would it ever stop? Oh, he dearly hoped so. He hated it. Despised it - every hour he lived seemed to plague them with even more problems. Why was it so difficult to have one day of peace that he could spend alongside those he loved? 

Cebra was gone. He knew that - the snake's scent had been entangled with her own, and although he'd attempted to track the scents, he simply could not locate them. Lonzo was on the move, and Mawk was struggling to keep up now. In time, he would deal great damage to that wicked beast, but he was aware rushing into something unprepared was never the right way to go.

So that chilly morning, the grouchy man rose from the den and started to patrol along the borders while his mind was busy at work with different ideas and heavy thoughts.