Dawnlark Plains Scarecrow Boat
All Welcome  March 20, 2018, 12:10 AM
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Things had been peaceful since the pack's arrival. Scouts had been filtering in-and-out the whole time, of course, and that displeased Grayday more than he would ever admit, but it was a pain he could deal with. As long as they came back, of course.

For his part, Grayday prefered to stay within the confines of the territory, only exiting for long enough to put a warning scent marker a little past his claim. He was not as territorial as other wolves, but he did want to be clear about who was in charge around these parts. It made it easier to deal authoritatively with outsiders.

That day, he was walking the borders, strengthening them with his scent where they needed it, but mostly just enjoying the fine spring day that was unfolding all around him.