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Blackfeather Woods
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        for the first time since their birth, relmyna found herself able to steal from the whelping den to its entrance for a handful of moments. the moon hung pallid in the winterdark of the cold sky, and her breath rose in a plume as she took a few mincing steps beyond the gate to where her daughters lay curled around one another. their bodies were growing; they were velvet wrapped around full-throated and healthy cries.
        with her she carried the rock of ages, fearing she had neglected the gods who spoke to her through its surface for too long. but they would understand, surely — relmyna had brought them a new pair of melonii children, to serve in the dark wood.
        but it was loneliness that stole whatever muse she had for the stone; the evoker found herself wracked with such a spate of miserable solitude that tears stung her eyes.

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