Silver Creek of cloudless climes and starry skies
All Welcome  December 05, 2018, 11:36 PM
the wind swept across the hillier parts of the territory and left a bitter chill inside the bones of the pale man. he had set his sights on the edges of their intended claim and hoped that he could close some of the distance quickly so that the trees might provide him with some shelter. winter had fallen into the land without much need for any further announcement; she had brought scattered snow showers and temperatures that felt close to the cold grip of death. even the prey had started to turn toward warmer horizons, which had left harrison with a sour feeling in the pit of his gut.

the snake did what he could to keep himself busy while the others tried to pull in recruits for their pack. grayson had done well, though harrison would never have admitted such a thing to his face or anyone else. it was evident that his brother would make a suitable leader for them. all the while, harrison had made himself into a hunting and patrolling machine. he did what he could not to think of oryx, knowing that she was tending to things that women were suited to and that he had no reason to think of her in such a way. the busier he kept himself, the better it would be; he had to keep reminding himself of that.