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Full Name: Taoiseach "Tegan" Blackthorn
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains x Buffalo
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (7.15.17)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera
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world's best scout. [Image: teganadulty_by_magdalynrose-dcgx6xs.png]
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Tegan is paler than the typical blackthorn, but still sports a gray agouti and a darker strip of gray down his back. His eyes are a brilliant sea foam green, and really pop compared to the lightness of his pelt. on his bottom left lip, tegan has a short, fat scar from a scuffle with a coyote, where he bit his own lip.
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wildcard - chaotic neutral - dramatic - kind of a dick - blunt - ENPF the entertainer - flirt - mama's boy - has emotions but pretends he doesn't
was born -- decided people were annoying and he was better than them -- learned ptero through towhee who he decided was kinda dope -- somehow developed a vocabulary far beyond his years and generation -- became interested in scouting -- met easy -- decided it was his lifelong dream to become the worlds biggest player and have the biggest army of broads ever -- accidentally acquired emotions -- ran away from the caldera and delayed their move -- was in trouble and pouted a lot -- moved to the plateau -- became friends with niamh -- went on some missions and recruited some wolves -- became a pack ambassador -- had his judgement challenged when easy came to join the plateau -- stole a kid from drageda
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Elwood x Finley

2015 - Eljay
2016 - Liffey, Lucy, and Lagan
2017 - Clover, Fiadh, and Lucca
2018 - Cinder and Twyll

Any Blackthorn through Finley, including Colt and Ceara.
Anyone related to the Redhawk line is considered family but not by blood.

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