Stone Circle french inhale
All Welcome  December 23, 2018, 03:48 PM
Located in Blume Meadow
Aerasha had excused herself from the Stone Circle with the claim she was off to hunt, which she actually never does. Instead the fae led herself to the frosted meadows, and wandered herself around the field. She stayed away from where the herds normally were, as her unusual eyes had caught site of another, and newer play. Which, was sitting in her paw as she sat on the snowed area.

A gleeful smile played upon her face as her paws were on the constant move, rising and falling, and a tiny little lifeform attempted to fall away, only to be caught. A vole, that Aerasha had caught by luck alone was currently not a chewtoy, nor a meal, but a fun pastime that played between her paws. She often caught it by the tail before it escaped, giving that relief of freedom taken away. She would hold it between her paws and observe, grinning to herself.

"How cute.~"

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