The Sentinels who you really are
All Welcome  December 29, 2018, 10:45 PM
Lone Wolves

[Image: vine.png]
"You must go to the east, go to the west," the moon hung high, a waning cresent giving light to the desolate graveyard below. The tall tree's stood upwards in an imposing manner, but they were permanently in the phase. The life inside has long been gone, as no leaves clung to it's branches, and the home of many has long been smoked away, "The road is rocky and the way is far." The forest was silent, it gave a ghostly appearence as the world had been touched by the white sky. Each step left a print behind, and each whisper let an echo follow, "It's a dangerous trail, a difficult quest." The night was young and long, and alone did one walk in it's glory, "If you want know who you really are..."

A lilac figure, sleek and smooth, like the ash of spring, she strood through the ghastly area, her voice elegantly rung out as she murmured a tale, "There are voices all around you," only her voice surrounded the dead trees, as the small life around was silent. Her white eyes, wisps of the night, stared forward without worry, without distraction, "To comfort and to guide you," she was calm, and at ease through this walk, "Fathers and teachers," her small and soft paws crunched with the untouched snow. No flakes fallen yet, as the clouds covered the sky, but soon her fresh prints would be gone, and the path she took would disappear, "Powerful creatures," like the forest's life, her own trace would disappear, "and a voice that sings inside you."

The area was unknown, and new, but so dead at the same time. Miriam was only oh so young, and her first winter was experienced alone in this unknown wilds. She felt cold, and she shivered as her icy paws did not stop, "Or you can turn back around," but she didn't desire to return. A decision was given upon her first year, and a decision she took with honor. She was young and inexperienced, and the maidan desired to learn what she has yet to see. Eyes calm, but heart beat wildly, "Run along home." Dangers were not of worry, she was not aware what the world had hold, she only felt excitment for what it was to give, "Back to the place where your friends are." Her expectations held high, for what she would see and witness. Something she has never known, something she has never seen, she had hopes, "Perhaps that is best," she wanted to know, "you need the rest," on what was out here, "who wants to go on a ridiculous quest?"
Her voice sung out, an echo trail to follow.
"Unless you want to know,
You truly want to know,
Unless you want to know...
Who you really are.

Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?"