Stavanger Bay Pawprints Towards the Sand
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@Ford escorting Howl to the border. AW to members who want to get a first glimpse at Howl. Sorry if I describe the border wrong. Just let me know if I need to change anything :)

He had followed Ford down the plateau and through the wooded Sentinels, it didn't take too long in reality but in Howl's mind, it took an eternity. This was going to be the first step towards his new life, a better life, and he wanted to make sure he did everything right. The thought of him making another mistake in this pack brought him to worry, knowing he hadn't meant to cause trouble in his other packs but found that it simply just happened. He could have seen the warning signs he supposed, but back then there didn't seem to be any. Now he was on high alert, eager to make every right decision to avoid repeating the past.

The smell of other wolves filled the air and they soon approached a line of black rocked that smell of urine and looked to be covered in blood. A clear marking for a border, something Howl appreciated seeing knowing all too well how an unclear border could cause trouble. He looked over to Ford to complement, "I like what you have done with the border. It's far easier to patrol something set in stone." he said, only thinking after the thought about the accidental pun within the statement.

Howl is always open to some interesting plots.
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January 13, 2019, 06:41 PM
The two had wandered well at each other’s side. Their conversation had been limited to the basics of getting to know one another. Ford had been careful only to share the things he imagined should have been shared with a new member of his pack. He had mentioned his plans for their future only loosely so that he might be able to delve into the nitty gritty of the pack culture at a later time. Still, the conversation that he had with Howl was personal; he did not can his responses and dish them out when he thought it was necessary. No, he treated the dark male like an individual instead of just like one of the many others who called the rift their home.
“The black stones had been my father and his witchdoctor’s idea when he had held a claim over the bay,” the sea wraith commented with a nod toward the rocks that marked their borders. It was so easy for sand to be kicked over the marking of urine, but the dark lines that had been created by Doe had been a good addition, and one that Ford fully anticipated he would continue using. “I think it’s easier to keep track of where our borders end and begin, so I thought to keep them.”