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All Welcome  January 14, 2019, 11:11 AM
Lily usually slept much of the early morning away. Today was different.

She woke just before dawn with a sharp pain in her lower abdomen, like someone had poked her there with a tiny stick. Wincing, she rose to her paws, blinking the sleep from her eyes. The pain had gone as quickly as it had come, but there was a dull ache that remained, and a feeling that the world was suddenly and irreversibly changed.

Brows drawn together, Lily left her den, yawning widely. She urinated against a tree before beginning to mosey toward a quiet place. Perhaps she'd check on Faye, if the girl found herself awake. Or go sit on the stargazers' ledge and watch the sun come up. It was quite strange, to rouse before the morning light.

The nausea from the other day still remained, and now Lily was sure that she was getting sick, and the giddiness she'd felt previously was just the beginning of it, sweetened by her mate's romance. She grinned, barely avoiding slamming right into a tree as she fell into a contented daze.

And then stopped and vomited up the remains of last night's meal, a small, steaming pile at her forepaws.

she's a killer queen
gunpowder, gelatine
dynamite with a laser beam
guaranteed to blow your mind
Yesterday, 11:49 PM
Gagging - it'd been a while, but she knew that sound rather well. And, because she had only good things associated with it, her tail was wagging rapidly as she tracked the noise to her search. It was Lily! Oh, she was so excited! Well, maybe Lily was just sick and that would be awful! But Skraeling thought maybe that wasn't the case and besides, she smelled like she was healthy and her puke tasted just fine, so probably things were fine and she was PREGANENANT!

Heedless of the Satori's personal bubble, Skraeling pressed in to clean the corners of Lily's mouth, her tail still wheeling erratically.