Lost Creek Hollow just another microcosm
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Lost Creek Hollow

It was early evening and the last remnants of warmth had disappeared as quickly as the sun. Nara lay curled up in her den, resting for a short while, when an icy wind blew inside. She'd hoped to sleep for a little while longer, but the cold woke her up, shivering. No use fighting it. She knew the best way to warm herself up was to get her blood pumping.

She set out towards the border. There was less snow there and a path had appeared from the frequent patrols. The evening brought a certain serenity to this place, with only the sound of trees swaying softly from side to side. 

It wasn't long before she caught his scent, and Nara quickly picked up the pace. She had been anticipating his return and was delighted to see that he was home safe. Then she finally saw his dark frame ahead. @Rannoch she called out, breaking into a trot to catch up with him. glad to have you back.

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Lost Creek Hollow
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Nara was a welcomed distraction from his patrol, and Rannoch slowed his steps as she moved to catch up to him. "Nara! It's been a while—it's good to see you," he replied, offering a smile. "Also, thanks," he added, "It's good to be home." He took a moment to regard the flame-kissed greenery with fondness; it was the golden hour and the forest was aglow. It had been a very long time since Rannoch had truly felt this at home in a territory. Only Neverwinter Forest rivaled Lost Creek Hollow in his heart. 

"How are you?" he prompted once his attention was on Nara again.

a crime so old as the sky and bone
he came untied, solid as a stone
all is almost lost and it starts to show