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Basic Info
Full Name: Kingfisher "Smokestep" Cairn
Subspecies: Hudson Bay Wolf, Great Plains Wolf, Mexican Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (12/10/2016)
Birthplace: Stavanger Bay
At A Glance
Eerie and haunting in appearance, the pallid beast does not appear as though he should be able to hold himself up. His worn figure is sickly and lean. The mad glint in his gaze is all that remains of a living creature - one eye a ghostly argent, the other a bloody red. There is a series of three jagged scars on the underside of his throat; an attempt to steal his life.
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A haggard and washed-out shell of a beast. Rail thin to the point that his ribs jut from his sides, Smokestep is nothing more than a haunting image. Something seems to rest beneath the surface of his mismatched gaze; a terrible crippling madness. All life seems to have been washed from him by the very waters that he so-closely adores. Nothing remains of what he used to be in appearance or mindset.
Haggard, but vengeful; there is a plague on his mind that has turned him from a clever scoundrel to a fearful believer in ghosts.

Currently, he is traveling with the hallucinated image of his deceased sister: Sandpiper. He will reference her frequently and speak to her. She is not actually there, she is only imagined.
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GRANDPARENTS: Bronislav and Serafiem
PARENTS: Skellige Cairn and Mannoah
UNCLES: Szymon, Jaglon, Jagoda, Marbas
AUNTS: Ksenia, Ishild, Leokadia, Doe
BROTHERS: Redshank, Ford, Velen, Rannveig
SISTERS: Moorhen, Sandpiper, Morrigan, Lilia
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Spirit Guide: Salt Water Crocodile
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calling to join them the wretched and joyful
shaking the wings of their terrible youths
freshly disowned in some frozen devotion
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