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Basic Info
Full Name: Kingfisher "Smokestep" Cairn
Subspecies: Hudson Bay Wolf, Great Plains Wolf, Mexican Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (12/10/2016)
Birthplace: Stavanger Bay
At A Glance
Tall and fit, sitting astride pale and stretching limbs. Kingfisher is a handsome specimen. Silver-bleached fur. Two-toned eyes; the left being a ghostly argent and the right a crimson mahogany. Sporting a perpetual smirk on inky lips.
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Profile of Smokestep: Details
A ghostly ne'er-do-well cad. Tall, limber, taught with muscle. Smokestep is covered in a thick coat of alabaster. Not quite as large or hulking as his father, Smokestep is only two inches taller and far slimmer. He appears to be built for the waters, with a far more streamline physique. Were it not for his proficiency there, it would be nearly impossible to guess that he was the son of Skellige. His coat is pale and ghostly in appearance. His quick steps and long limbs almost provide the boy with a spindly appearance. This is not to be misjudged, though.

Smokestep is a Cairn through and through. He was built and trained for the water and the prospect of war. There is a sharp glint to his mismatched eyes. While he typically sports a rugged and suggestive leering expression, he knows his way around a warpath and is accustomed to the brutality of his father, as well as the legacy of his family. Though the pale creature did not inherit the skeletal rib markings, he has found comfort in his frosted coat, broken only by the black of his nose and the pads of his paws.
Human Reference: Toby Kebbell
Once, an angelic and peaceful little beast, Kingfisher has grown into his full potential. Not nearly as savage and tactless as his father, the frosted Cairn is nothing more than a sharp-tongued pirate. Smokestep has very little care for those around him. He's reckless and crude. Having been raised by his father, the boy has come to be just as obsessive over the waters as Skellige had been. The further away from the sea he is, the nastier his temper. The pallid wolf has a tendency to get himself into difficult situations and has found that he has quite the penchant for strife and skirmishes. He is almost lackadaisical in nature, caring very little about those around him and blinded the mindset that was thrust on him by his aggressive father. Kingfisher enjoys schmoozing women, approaching males with a hawkish and miserly mindset, and basking in the sun.

Smokestep has inherited some of the tact of his aunts and uncles. He has a sharp mind for battle and scraps, and with the hard ruling hand of his father, has toned himself into a dreadful opponent. His daredevil mentality allows for him to take risks that most would find foolish and heedless. A true marauder of the sea, and a pirate at heart.
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GRANDPARENTS: Bronislav and Serafiem
PARENTS: Skellige Cairn and Mannoah
UNCLES: Szymon, Jaglon, Jagoda, Marbas
AUNTS: Ksenia, Ishild, Leokadia, Doe
BROTHERS: Redshank
SISTERS: Moorhen, Sandpiper
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Spirit Guide: Salt Water Crocodile
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