Barrow Fields Thorns
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This can be back dated to whatever makes sense! Sorry for the delay with Anna. Let me know if this doesnt work btw and I can edit! ❤

Ever since she ran into her sister again, Annaliese has more or less been keeping tabs on her. It is a surprise to say the least when it became apparent Alice was following around a man.

Typically her sister refused to tolerate them.

Anna tracks him down, following a trail that left from a pack nearby. The red woman knows better than to approach so near an active pack, especially with its... recent activities that any could hear nearby.

It is when he is alone that Annaliese finally approaches.

Who are you?
July 16, 2019, 12:01 PM
It's all good!! SCREAMM

It wasn't abnormal for him to leave Rusalka's borders. The wolves there were less than his cup of tea, and the least amount of time he spent with them, the better. 

Once again he found himself in the dead field. Silence surrounded him the moment he set foot - the birds and their singing vanishing in the distance as he padded forth, wondering where his little companion may have gone off to today. That shadow he had gained after the little spat they had.

But it seemed he wasn't alone after all. Another russet woman approaches, he almost thought it was possibly Alison - but this one was different. I could ask you the same. Who was he to her of such importance that she would demand who he was so boldly.