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Full Name: Antha Suzette Blackwood-Mayfair
Subspecies: 50% Arctic & 50% Grey
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (09/02/2018)
Birthplace: Elsewhere
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·· INTJ ·· Neutral Good ··

A feminine, willowy figure, soft curves draped in a cloak of autumn pastels, darkening along her nape and spine. Elegant features softened by plush fur and marred by a long, thin scar down her right cheek just below the eye, steel blue eyes glimmering with gentle confidence. Reference. Design by Svarrook.
Secretive. Confident. Possessive. Logical. Levelheaded. Determined. A white witch of the forest, roaming in search of the heart she has never truly had.
Sired by Cortland Mayfair and born to Ava Blackwood alongside siblings Julien and Tessa. Through Cortland, she is related to the Mayfair family, most notably her grandfather Lasher.
The product of a star-crossed affair, born into a suffocatingly abusive environment. She and her sister trained in secret, inheriting the title of witch from their mother. One day, when their powers had grown strong enough, the sisters took their fate into their own paws — at a terrible and unforeseen cost. Tessa fell gravely ill, and Antha set off in search of a cure alongside her brother, Julien. After many months away from home, she returned with a cure — and without Julien.
Now, she has returned to the Teekon Wilds in self-exile from her home, determined to find the piece of her that has always been missing.
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