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All Welcome  August 15, 2019, 04:04 PM
Lost Creek Hollow
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it's time for pheiros to see more of the world, he thinks, beyond their journey for a new home following stormrift's collapse. it'd been far too stressful to really show him anything — but now they have a home, safety, and the freedom to do such things. so he takes the rapidly-growing boy past the borders, tail swaying and a smile curving his lips slightly as he leads his son along the river, toward a grove tucked against a mountain not too far from the pack's territory. the movement has already relaxed him a bit, and he finds himself hoping pheiros will enjoy travel as much as he does.
August 15, 2019, 09:05 PM
Lost Creek Hollow

Today had been the same as most since settling here: he had spent the majority of his time exploring and learning, constantly needing to know more about the world around him. So when dad had found him and beckoned him to follow him out of their new territory, the golden pup had excitedly agreed. 

The older he became, the better he read the subtleties of his dad's expressions and body language, and today, he had noted a spark of excitement. It flowed from Cortland into his highly perceptive son so much that he practically bounced at his father's side as they traveled beyond the borders and into a vast and radiantly green copse. 

Pheiros burst forward when the babbling of a creek caught his attention from where they entered the grove. But, soon after he took off, a long, slender animal burst out from beneath the long fronds of a hefty fern. It was no bigger than a hare and moved through the plants and tree trunks so fast that he could barely keep up. He bounded after the creature on long, clumsy legs, coming to a skidding halt when the animal vaulted a fat, rotting log and sprang up a tree into the safety of its branches. Pheiros' attempt at slowing his momentum was humorously uncoordinated, and he very ungracefully tumbled paws over hind end into the creek. He floundered a little in the water before finding his footing and managed to jump back on the shore just in time to see the cunning creature scamper across to an adjacent tree and land on the other side of the stream, streaking away before he could even shake the water from his coat.