Great Bear Wilderness Daydreamland of skeptical mind
Private  October 12, 2019, 12:32 PM
Lost Creek Hollow

Sarah found that being away from Lost Creek Hollow did make a little difference in her indifferent state of mind. Feelings and emotions of any kind were dormant, but her rational mind had endless resources of curiousity. So, after a day or two of hesitation right by the mountain crossing that led back to the valley she had called home for the past year, she decided to extend her stay. Indefinitely.

It was evident that the land had suffered here just as much as it had elsewhere. And the absence of the coarse music of the rutting season and the pungent smell of deer, was over-powering. Of course, she did not know, if there had been any herds here to begin with and it was likely that her expectations were based on past experience not actual facts. But something had to feed the wolf packs that resided here. And from what she had gathered already, there were many.

By a chance she happened upon a forgotten cache near a forest edge and being an opportunist by nature, she unearthed it quickly and pulled out the half-rotten/half-frozen morsels. In her hungry state, however, she was not too picky. Sarah settled down and began to eat.
October 12, 2019, 12:47 PM
Lone Wolves

Maiira had been moving steadily away from the Hinterlands for days, and now she was deep in new territory. Crossing the mountain range had been treacherous, what with the earthquakes and rockslides recently. Even being in forests could be dangerous. She’d been wandering through a few when suddenly a tree would be ripped up from the ground in a matter of seconds. It was as if the gods were angry. At first she had thought they were angry at her specifically, but the damage was everywhere she went, often there before she arrived. The gods, it seemed, were angry at the world.

What could you do when the gods were angry at the entire world? Maiira figured there was nothing you could do, but simply wait til the disaster was over. But how long would that take? Months? Years? It would be a scary world if this anger lasted much longer. No one was safe in such a world. Not that Maiira cared much for her own safety. She often spent so much time in her own head that she forgot to eat, and a creature like that didn’t really care if she died. She was hungry, though, what with Autumn being in full swing now. It was colder, especially at night, and food was much harder to come by. Maiira was used to hunger, though. And used to being alone.

So, when she came across both another wolf and food, she was surprised. This food was taken, however, and Maiira was not stupid enough to put herself between a fully-blooded wolf and its food. She stayed far back, out of harm’s reach, eyeing the eating female curiously. “Greetings, friend,” she said evenly, cautiously, wondering what the wolf would do if it were interrupted while eating. She kept the muscles in her legs taut lest she need to spring away quickly. “This one seems to have found the jackpot, no?”
October 13, 2019, 12:02 PM
Lost Creek Hollow
Sarah had neither expected, nor wished for a company. She was that person in a crowd-filled bar, who looked very self-sufficient and content in the company of her own whiskey glass. And had just as much space around her as a functioning antibiotic sensitivity test. You just did not approach her and start a conversation of any kind. 

So, no surprise here that the stranger was not greeted either cordially or civilly. Without stopping to chew on a piece of hide, she looked up and regarded the other wolf distrustfully. It poured honeysweet words in her ears, but she bought none of it and did not have to look far for a reason. She put a possessive paw over her lunch and continued to stare at the unwelcome companion. Perhaps it had more to say.